Construction (Mechanical & Civil Works)

Land and Swamp Pipeline Repairs & Maintenance

Ensure the integrity and reliability of your land and swamp pipelines with our comprehensive repair and maintenance services. From routine inspections to emergency repairs, we've got you covered.


Construct, repair, and maintain storage tanks for various applications with our expertise. Trust us to deliver durable and reliable tank solutions tailored to your needs

Flow Lines

Optimize fluid transportation with our flow line services. From design to installation, we provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to meet your flow line requirements.

Process and Interconnecting Pipelines

Connect your process equipment seamlessly with our interconnecting pipeline solutions. We design and install pipelines that ensure smooth operations and maximum efficiency.


Ensure the successful start-up and operation of your facilities with our commissioning services. We oversee the entire commissioning process to ensure compliance with standards and regulations.

Coffer Dams

Create temporary water barriers for construction projects with our coffer dam solutions. We design and install coffer dams to facilitate safe and efficient construction in aquatic environments.

Pilling Works

Establish stable foundations for structures with our piling services. From design to installation, we provide reliable piling solutions tailored to your project requirements.

Early Works & Site Preparations

Lay the groundwork for successful construction projects with our early works and site preparation services. We handle site clearing, grading, and other preparatory tasks to ensure a smooth construction process.

Foundation for Facility Structures

Build solid foundations for your facility structures with our foundation construction services. We ensure structural integrity and stability to support your operations.

Construction of Cellar Pits

Construct secure and functional cellar pits for your facilities with our expertise. We design and build cellar pits to meet your specific requirements and operational needs.

Location Preparation

Prepare sites for construction activities with our location preparation services. From site surveys to site clearing, we ensure that your construction project starts on the right foot.

Soil Stabilization & Improvements

Enhance soil stability and strength with our soil stabilization and improvement techniques. We employ proven methods to optimize soil conditions for construction projects.

Road Works

Construct durable and reliable roads for your industrial facilities with our road works services. We ensure smooth and safe transportation within your facility premises


Manage stormwater and wastewater effectively with our drainage solutions. We design and install drainage systems to prevent flooding and ensure environmental compliance.


Enhance the integrity of structures and foundations with our grouting services. We use advanced grouting techniques to fill voids, stabilize soil, and reinforce structures.


Excavate trenches for pipelines, cables, and other utilities with our trenching services. We ensure precise and efficient trenching to accommodate your infrastructure needs.


Maintain waterways and waterbodies with our dredging services. We remove sediment and debris to improve navigation, enhance drainage, and restore ecosystem health.